Journey to the City Never Sleeps

 “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today I want to be a part of it, New York, New York” While I was flying to New York City, I was murmuring the song of “New York, New York” which belongs to Frank Sinatra. New York City was always my dream place since my teenage years but until this year, I couldn’t find a chance to visit there. But, finally, last month I made my dream come true and started my journey through NYC with my husband.

The famous definition given to NYC is “the city never sleeps” and I think this description totally matches with the soul of this city! I could totally feel the spirit thorough all of my journey in there. Even at 4 am, we had seen people going around the downtown and roads were full with cars and taxis! It was amazing!

Exploring New York City

Travel Around the City

We had spent 2 days in NYC. First place we visited at New York City was the Empire State Building, I fell in love with city view from the top and we were lucky that there was a clear view so we could see all the spectacular view of city landscape

Our next destination was Rockefeller Center. We didn’t go to the top of the building because of limited time but we had taken various photos in front of the building!

The best way of traveling and exploring streets of New York City is by walking so we walked and walked!  When I checked my health app in my iPhone which tracks my walking steps through the day, I couldn’t believe my eyes, in one day I had walked 16 km that was a highest record I have reached

Another stop in our visit without doubt was Brooklyn Bridge which is the famous symbol of NYC that takes part at almost all of the movies made in there. We didn’t walk across the bridge but we found a great spot for taking picture so I took hundreds of pictures with Bridge view!

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

Central Park was another place that I loved visiting, I am a person who enjoy jogging at spare time. When I went there I saw so many people running and walking throughout this natural beauty. If I was living in NYC I would be definitely one of these people!

Times Square

And lastly Times Square! We went there at night and I definitely suggest you to go this square at night to experience the amazing lights with the combination of lively and fun environment.

Times Square
Times Square

We had only spent a weekend in NYC so we could only enjoy a little part of NYC. But I definitely will go back this city and continue discovering “city never sleeps”!


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