Greek Islands-Experience the Breathtaking Beauty

Imagine a place that straight out “Troy” movie. The brightest crystal blue sea surrounded with the natural beauty and the attractive beaches make you fall in love! Yes, I am talking about Rhodes and Symi where I had travelled with my husband last summer

We as a couple were searching our next travel destination where we could spend our time lying at beaches and chilling. Therefore, we agreed to go Rhodes and Symi for a week.

First Destination: Rhodes

Rhodes is a very historical island and famous with its castle belongs to Medieval Ages. We had stayed in a boutique small hotel where located in the Castle area of Rhodes. Therefore I could even feel the history while I was having my breakfast at the terrace of hotel, I really enjoyed it!

view of Rhodes
View from our terrace
View of Rhodes Castle

At nights, we had explored the Rhodes center where you can find various small shopping places full with souvenirs. In addition, I suggest you to go local fish restaurants to experience delicious Greek mezes before leaving Rhodes.

rhodes at night
Rhodes Streets
Rhodes center
Center at Rhodes

Explore the Beauty of Beaches

In our first day, we went to Lindos Beach which is located in the south part of the island. To go to the beach, we had rented a convertible smart car and it took around 45 minutes from our hotel to arrive the beach. Even if takes long to get there, it is totally worth it!

Lindos Beach
Lindos Beach

Second day we went to Anthony Quin Bay to enjoy the sea and amazing weather. The Bay is famous for the actor’s name (Anthony Quin) since he bought this part of the island in the film named “The Guns of Navarone”. Anthony Quinn Bay is relatively small and very demanding place by tourists. Therefore, early hours are the best times to find a good spot for chilling at this bay.

Symi: A Place from Heaven

The next day, we moved to our next travel destination: Symi. We travelled there with ferry and when we reached, there was only one thought in my mind: I can live for the rest of my life in this fascinating small island!

Ferry took us to Symi



The island is full of colorful and perfect houses that when you look at them, you feel that you are looking a perfect painting drawn by an successful artist.  We continued our exploration in Symi by going to Pedi Beach and enjoyed the sea and environment.

As last, Symi is most special among the places I had visited because my husband had proposed me over there! I would never forget this island in my life!

proposal at Symi
And Proposal moment!

If you want to go to Greek islands, summer is the best time when you can enjoy the spectacular sea and beaches.  I know that I will make visits to these two islands again to enjoy more of this natural beauty!


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