Exploring a Hidden Beauty in Aegean

This post is dedicated to the beautiful place belonging to my home country. I am talking about Cesme where I had gone various times mostly to spend my summer vacations.

Cesme is the one of the popular counties linked to the city called “Izmir”. It is located in the Aegean region of Turkey with attracting many local and international visitors and the summer time this attraction reaches to its peak level . My recent visit to Cesme was 2 years ago when I went there with my friends. We stayed in a small boutique hotel at  Alacati which is the  district of Cesme.

Alacati streets
Alacati Streets

Beautiful Beaches

Cesme and Alacati are famous with their beaches and providing activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing.  We preferred to spend all of our days in swimming in the crystal blue sea and chilling at various beaches

beach of Cesme
Beach at Cesme
photo from beach
View from Babylon Aya Yorgi Beach

Babylon Aya Yorgi,  Sole Mare and Propaganda Beaches are the private beaches that I can suggest if you want to relax and enjoy the Aegean sea. They both have great restaurants, drinks, live dj performance and much more.

Experience the Night Life

Another great aspect about Cesme is that, it has a very entertaining night life. The streets are full of traditional bars, restaurants, tavernas as well as modern night clubs. Historically, being part of Greek empire in the earlier centuries, Cesme has embraced its origins. The county has its own castle and Greek style white houses all over the peninsula.

cesme streets
Streets of Cesme

Best time of the year to Visit Cesme is between May and September when the sea is warm and you can actually enjoy the sun. I strongly suggest people to explore this hidden beauty!


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