Berlin-Travel throughout the History!

I had travelled many countries and cities in Europe since childhood but I hadn’t found a chance to go Germany until last year. And when I went there, I realized that I did a big mistake for not to come here more earlier!

I travelled to Berlin in last march with my two closest friends. I was expecting that the weather would be so extremely cold and rainy however to our luck, it was cold but very sunny. Therefore, we could explore the city by walking around.

Historical Moments 

My first impression about Berlin was very historical place that you can explore many places remind you the lives of 19th and 20th century. Most of the buildings around the city are very old structured and historical. Additionally, without no doubt, it still carries the effects of World War II and Cold war when Berlin was separated as West and East Berlin. Even though Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989 you can still differentiate which part of the city belonged to East Berlin and West Berlin by the different symbols using at the Traffic signs.

First place we went was Brandenburg Gate which is the one of the best-known monument of Berlin. Another place was we explored in city was Reichtag Building which is known as German Parliament. We had a chance to enter the building and went up to the large glass dome which located at the very top of the Reichstag building where we could explore 360-degree view of the surrounding Berlin city landscape

Reichtag Building

I am a history lover and I could live the “History” at Berlin! We went Museum Island where complex of five historical museums are located and we had spent almost half of our day in there by exploring the history more in depth

Museum Island Area

We would like to see more modern architecture in Berlin and East Side Gallery was our next place we visited! I got impressed from these colorful paintings on the wall and I couldn’t stop myself taking many pictures in there!

East Side Gallery

Another stop in the journey was exploring the Berlin Wall, and only a small part of wall was still existed. I had felt a very emotional when I experienced this part of journey because of witnessing a real moment belong to the history of recent past.

Other places that we visited at Berlin were Holocaust Memorial which was dedicated to Jewish victims of the Holocaust and Checkpoint Charlie which was one of the crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. I strongly believe that these places should be in “Must to go” list  before leaving Berlin!

Berlin Wall
Holocaust Memorial

Experience Night Life

Beside from the historical places, Berlin is a very live city that night life is very famous and enjoyable especially if you like techno music. Even though I had gone so many night clubs around the world, it was the first time that I stayed in a night club until 6:00 am!

We could only stay in Berlin for a long weekend but I had spent a great time in this city! I would definitely consider to go Berlin again as a travel destinations in some day and explore the parts that I couldn’t have chance in my first visit!


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