Explore and Live The Love in a Marvelous City!

When we think about Paris, I think most of us describe the city in three words, “City of Love” I had gone to Paris twice in my life but my second and last visit was more special and unforgettable for me because I had spent my honeymoon in there!

We went Paris in May of the last year and we could enjoy the fresh and warm spring weather in there. Our hotel where we stayed was in the Opera Area of Paris in a historical building which its interior design reflecting the 19th century, we loved it!

Opera Area

Visiting Historical Places

Paris is a city consist of various historical places. Since me and my husband are both history lovers, first place we visited was Louvre Museum. The museum is accepted as one of the symbols of Paris and it is quite big that we couldn’t have finished exploring every part of the museum. If you want to see every aspect of the museum, you should sacrifice your half of your day.

Louvre Museum

Our second stop was Eiffel Tower. We went up there and enjoyed 360-degree view of the amazing Paris cityscape. Additionally, we had celebrated our honeymoon with champagne offered at the top of Eiffel Tower which was unforgettable!

View From Eiffel Tower

Paris is an explorable city by walking through the beautiful streets.  As alternative method, you can use public transportation which the subway stations are located every corner in the city. We as a couple mostly preferred to explore city by walking

Montmartre and Notre Dame Basilica were other destinations of our journey! Montmartre is a district located in hill of Paris and the fame of this place comes from the street artists who were living in there and white-domed Basilica of the Sacré-Cur. Moreover, there are many French restaurants and small shopping places in Montmartre Hill where we had enjoyed the delicious French cuisine and purchase souvenirs. Notre Dame Basilica is one of the historical church belongs to I fell in love of the magnificent interior design of the Basilica!

At Montmartre
Inside of Notre Dame Basilica

Back to the Childhood

Who comes to Paris and not visit Disneyland! We had spent 1 full day in there and we had gone back to our childhood!


From Paris with Love

If you are in love, there is one place that you shouldn’t leave Paris without visiting: Pont des Arts” meaning “Bridge with Keys”. According to the legend, when you plug a key of the bridge, your love would become infinite so no doubt we were one the ones who plugged the key!

Pont De Arts

Exploring French food is another experience tadurée Paris hat we did in Paris. Famous Ladurée Paris macarons  of Paris and of course steak with special Café De Paris sauce where we enjoyed at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte. I still remember their delicious taste!


Champs Elysees

Lastly, I should talk about Champs Elysees where I had completely lost my self! It is long boulevard where elegant and luxurious designer stores and colorful French Cafes are located. From my perspective, I believe that this boulevard is one of the best areas in Paris that you can explore a real French spirit!

There are many things and places you can explore at Paris and spending one week was not enough for us, so definitely we are thinking about revisiting this city of Love!


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