A piece of Indian Experience!

I am a big fan of Bollywood movies and love listening Indian songs that upgrade your pessimistic mood to the optimistic level! Therefore, I had always wanted to travel and experience India one day in my life and when my Indian friend invited me to her wedding which would be at Pune, I couldn’t miss that opportunity!

Weddings in India are generally happened at winter times mainly on December because of the descent weather so last year on December, my two friends and I had started the journey by travelling to Mumbai where was our first destination in India

First Destination – Mumbai

Mumbai was so different than the cities I had travelled so far. You can explore many opposite things at simultaneously such as there are many luxurious buildings located in an area surrounded with relatively poor buildings but  I believe that this complexity makes this city very unique and full of energy.

A view from Mumbai streets

First thing we explore

Gateway of India

d in Mumbai was the Gateway of India which is accepted as the symbol of the city.

Another place we went was Jain temple which we could experience the traditional religion place.

Another spot that we had gone was the biggest public laundry named Dhobi Ghat which was a very unique experience that I have lived in my life. It was an open-public place surrounded by buildings and based on the information we learned hat everyday many people living at Mumbai use this laundry so  frequently. Seeing this laundry was a very different experience for us.

Dhobi Ghat

If you are interested in natural environment, Kamala Nehru park is the place that you can explore and enjoy the natural beauty. We had spent approximately 1 hour in there by just relaxing and chilling

Kamala Nehru Park

Because we could have spent only 1 full day in Mumbai, we didn’t have enough time to visit many museums and places so we mainly preferred to do sightseeing by taxi.

Moving to Pune

The other day, we travelled our second destination, Pune , where the wedding ceremony was happened. Pune is relatively smaller city than Mumbai and in there we were all occupied with the ceremony so we couldn’t explore the historical and traditional places in the city however I heard that there are many places that attractive for the tourists.

Wedding Ceremony

The Indian wedding ceremony was the most interesting and enjoyable part of my Indian trip. The ceremony took 4 days and every single day it consisted different occasions.

  • First day was reception dinner where we could enjoy delicious Indian food and music.
  • Second day was the henna day and I had a chance to get henna in a traditional motif
  • The day after, we had joined another traditional ceremony that we could congratulate bride and groom by giving them to the wedding gifts.
  • And the last day of the ceremony was the religious official wedding that I had also participated this occasion with wearing a Sari (traditional cloth for Indian) It was a very amazing moment that I had ever experienced!
Sari experience in wedding

Our Indian trip took 5 days and I was impressed from the country, its culture and no doubt its food! This journey helped me to realize that the there are many colorful and exotic lands that we are not aware yet but we need to travel and explore!



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