A Magical Travel in the Middle of Desert

I have always wanted to travel the Middle East since I read the “One thousand and One night” which describes the Middle East as exotic and mysterious place. Therefore, my next destination should be somewhere in the Persian Gulf. One of my friend from United Kingdom is living there and he was always insisting me to visit him. So, one day I decided, packaged my luggage and travelled to Dubai in a sunny day on October for exploring a new magical destination

Beach Time

For Dubai, the first thing I can say about the weather. Best times to travel to there is Fall and Spring terms because the weather is spectacular in these seasons. Since I went to Dubai on October, I had a chance to swim at the Jumeriah Beach where the sea as very clean but cold. If you want to experience swimming and tanning in the middle of dessert, Dubai is a great place for it

Jumeriah Beach

Explore Safari

Dubai is modern-built city that located in the desert. Therefore, natural environment of desert is still protected and preserved. I was dying to live a safari experience at the desert so I had requested from my friend to take me desert. For this safari tour, we had contacted a special agency who organized these tours and arranged the tour for the next day.  A few workers from the organization agency had picked us from the places we stayed by special cars for desert (SUV and Jeeps) and firstly took us to the area where we could buy some traditional souvenirs such as scarfs before experiencing the real safari journey

Safari Experience

Then our journey in the desert had started. I had never experienced something amazing before in my life, The SUVs were diving down and up throughout the desert simultaneously and I could feel how the desert was smooth and soft by the movements of the car. The safari took approximately 25 minutes and after, we went to an area where we ate special kebab and enjoyed the silence of the desert. The most amazing thing about the desert was being extremely quiet and there was no reception for cellphones. Therefore, I could only listen the silence of the desert and myself without any external intervention.

Explore the city

Beside from the desert and sea experiences, there are many shopping malls and touristic areas that you can explore in Dubai. I went to see Burj Khalifa which is the symbol of Dubai and I got so impressed from the amazing view. It is a very tall building hence it is not appropriate for people who have fear of height or vertigo


Dubai Mall is another place that I visited. The size of the mall is quite big and you can find almost every international brands’ stores at there. I spent around 2 hours by exploring the mall however there were still a few stores left that I couldn’t find time to visit.

Inside of Dubai Mall

Last thing I want to talk about my journey about Dubai is the night life! Before I went Dubai, I had a prejudice about the night clubs that they wouldn’t be good or satisfied. However, my all prejudice diminished when I experienced by going  to a club and spent one of the best times in my life with great environment and music.

A night in Dubai

I had stayed in Dubai for 4 days so there are a few places left that I couldn’t have a chance to explore. But I am sure that one day I will travel back there and experience this magical destination in more depth!


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